Market Research

Market research has an important role to play in improving business strategies. We are able to undertake complete market research, providing greater understanding of product & service launches, and assists in growth development plans for new/start-up businesses. All market research undertaken will provide a richer understanding of the demands of the customers thereby furnishing necessary information regarding the demand of your products, thus helping you undertake important decisions on how to improve sales and revenue.

Market Intelligence
  • Industry Publications 
  • Tourism Industry email and print collateral
  • Research publications
  • Market statistics/trends
Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Benchmarking and Best Practice Studies
  • Market Evaluation
  • Market and Consumer Trends Analysis
  • Forecasting and Statistical Analysis

Training and Capacity Building
  • Facilitating Workshops 
  • Capacity Building for Community Organisations
  • Training of small, medium enterprises (SMEs) Attractions / experiences
  • Conducting Marketing training of key marketing personnel in the public and private sectors
Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Profiling
  • Offensive & Defensive Strategy
  • Segment Strategy
  • Tactical planning
  • Brand Strategy 
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Traditional marketing placement strategies (i.e. price, promotion, distribution, packaging, and competition)
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