THE JOURNEY – Our Story So Far

In 1987 the building of the Tamaki business began with a foundation of grand ideas, incredible passion and steely resolve to make it all happen. While sweat equity was in great abundance, real capital was sadly lacking and so too was any interest from lenders in the banking world.

So from the proceeds of the sale of a treasured Harley Davidson motorcycle, a 16-seater mini bus was purchased to start what was to become a multi-million dollar, award winning business that was to change the landscape of New Zealand’s iconic cultural tourism sector.

From Concept to Conquer

My goal for change was first realising the need for a step by step strategic Indigenous tourism integration strategy into mainstream tourism mapping the balance between economic viability, commercial realities, sustainable success, individual business development, community involvement, R.O.I, promotion of pride in cultural integrity and values through cross section educational delivery.

The objective was to establish an overarching strategy of consistent quality delivery yet maintaining a balance of integrity with much of the programs and experiences driven through custom built and managed ‘quality benchmark’ platforms in Staff training, customer satisfaction and fulfilment, product delivery and partner relationships.

Laced throughout the strategic planning we incorporated a sense of pride; place and belonging with staff and extended family through committed workshops for community and staff, promoting understanding, input, support and buy in. The ‘Ripple Effect Program’ (REP) we designed specifically allows us to engage, include and monitor the immediate and broader community impact on commercial tourism. In the 30 years plus being in the tourism industry, my entire work, research and developments have been selfishly focused on Indigenous, eco and cultural sustainability through ‘no-nonsense’ progressive action planning with positive results. 


The challenge was to succeed in delivering five strategic points:
1. Generate State Government, regional council and tourism Industry Organisation’s interest and support
2. Foster Indigenous Tourism incubation program
3. Create a platform from which to launch businesses
4. Strategic ability to manage promote and market an awareness of Indigenous Tourism experiences from a unique point of difference
5. Integration of Indigenous tourism offerings into existing established brands with integrity
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